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Traffic Titan 3 Review – Integral Solution for Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Titan 3 Review – Introduction

Welcome to my Traffic Titan 3 Review! In this article, I will show you the next iteration of the Titan series fathered by Christ X. Previous products in this series such as Zen Titan, Affiliate Titan, Social Titan, Traffic Titan, etc. have amassed thousands of sales in a short time. Even then, this new bundle is still a significant upgrade since it contains ten intelligent software that can transform your affiliate career.

The applications in the bundle allow you to find viral keywords and products quickly. They also automate most stages of your promotional campaigns, from finding suitable niches, creating graphics and videos, to driving targeted traffic. If you are in need of to improve these mentioned aspects of your business, let find out how Traffic Titan 3 can fulfill your requirements.


Traffic Titan 3 Review – Overview


Traffic Titan 3 is a bundle containing ten applications and modules specialized for affiliate marketing. Among them, there are several databases for you to search for top keywords of viral niches and products on largest affiliate marketing platforms such as JVZoo or ClickBank. Next, you can use the bundle to create images and videos for your marketing campaigns. You can also drive viral traffic from Facebook, Flippa, and other places to your websites with these modules.

Traffic Titan 3 Review – What Are the Features of Traffic Titan 3?

These are applications and materials that you will get from this bundle:

Niche Money

To conduct effective marketing campaigns, you need to know the keywords that the customers use when searching for specific topics or products. Niche Money is a database containing more than 100 popular niches; each of them has more than 1000 popular keywords for you to use in your articles, websites, or ads.

Keyword Titan

With this application, you can narrow available options and find out valuable but rarely-used keywords belonging to your niches so that you don’t meet fierce competitions on Google and Facebook.


This tool creates “campaigns” you can import into Image2Video (tool #4) to create videos.

The software is pre-loaded with the top 100 CB & JVZoo offers, which have paid millions in affiliate commissions.

Choose one and the sales letter is displayed as an image. Now click and drag to select parts of the sales letter to export.

Finally click to export this “affiliate campaign file” into Image2Video, which is up next…


After you have gotten suitable images from Website2Image, you can import them to this application. It will automatically generate an informative video to enhance your marketing effectiveness.

Desktop-based (Adobe Air – PC/Mac) video creation software, to create slide-based videos in just a few clicks.

Start by importing a series of image, and a voice over (or choose from 10 royalty-free music), then click next.

Each imager is now presented as a slide, and you just click to set the timing for each slide.

You can also import campaigns from the Website2Image tool (see above) to create an instant affiliate video!

Edit settings (add mp3 audio, change background and font), insert slides (text/image/video), etc.


Just by entering a keyword, you will receive the best domain names that match it within a few seconds so that you can increase your Google rankings as well as traffic to your websites.

Titan Theme

This is a WordPress plug-in which is used to customize your WP pages and to make them professional. On top of that, it has a built-in SEO feature to give you an edge over your competitors.

Sites DB

This tool is a database of 3,000 websites across 20 ecom/affiliate niches – totalling over 10,000 individual traffic opportunities!

For each of the 20 niches, we searched 20-50 keywords and stored the top ranking PPC/SEO sites on Google (with the age of the domain, number of backlinks, Alexa rank, thumbnail preview & more).

Finally, we scanned each site for various traffic opportunities, such as:

  • Is the site collecting leads? JV opportunity…
  • Does the site have Google Adsense? If sense you can run media ads
  • Does the site have its own advertising program? An opportunity for ultra-targeted cheap traffic
  • Does the site have a Facebook or Twitter presence? You can reach out for a blast or target the interest with FB ads
  • What is the Whois email for the site? You can always reach out to them directly with just a quick click
  • Does the site have an RSS feed? If so it suggests content (possible backlink opportunites)

Finally, save the site to your own personal list of sites and then target the traffic opportunities with our training…


Flippa is the largest marketplace for website trading. This application records 360 Flippa websites which have high incomes; you can think of more business ideas and get more traffic from these sites.


A collection of all the new product launches in the Internet marketing niche.

Search & view product price, filter by JV prize, commission.. even low Google & YouTube SEO competition.

Hover to preview the JV page, one click access to the affiliate request/link..

And view email updates from the JV email list – updated hourly!


An email marketing campaigns cannot afford the lack of an autoresponder, but you can say goodbye to costly traditional options with this unlimited, automatic email sender.

Training Materials

Coming along with the mentioned applications is a quick-start guide to get the users familiar with the products. If you get the bundle in the limited launch time, you can also access training videos and a 100-page e-book teaching the essence of affiliate marketing.

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